Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server 2010 Announced

Microsoft has announced their Windows solution that’s similar to Linux multiseat: Windows Server Multipoint 2010. Architecturally, it’s actually similar to running several VNC clients in loopback mode on the same Linux server.

See Microsoft’s “Unlimited Potential” blog for more information from Microsoft.

“Unlimited” is over the top, but there’s certainly unfulfilled potential for multiseat (my talk on this), so raising awareness of the opportunity to lower the cost of computing this way is a good thing, whether you care about both Windows and Linux, or just one. Clusters of computing terminals that are cheaper to buy and much less expensive to maintain is a great thing for education and many other scenarios.

Let’s all make it happen.

2 comments on “Microsoft Windows Multipoint Server 2010 Announced”

  1. Colleeen

    Even more applicable, NComputing has been doing this with both Windows and Linux for years, and reports to have 2
    Million seats deployed. We have been using in our schools with good success and it has enabled us to double the number of student workstations.

    Appears that due to NComputing’s success, Microsoft has reluntently been forced to do something to either get on the bandwagen or cede a growing market. Apparently NComputing has announced they will support this new Multipoint OS if you want, but their software does not require it and they can use a wide variety of other Windows and Linux flavors, which seems like the better way to go rather than this Multipoint thing. I would be concerned if all of our older education software will even work with Multipoint, since it is based on 2K8 R2 server; Think they are missing the mark.

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