Multi-Monitor Madness

This is an older video from NetworkWorld.TV showing an earlier iteration of the DisplayLink technology we use at Plugable.

A few things that have evolved since the video:

* Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac support
* Open Source exists for programming the DisplayLink chips
* It’s hard to find monitors with DisplayLink integrated, but it’s easy to find the adapters that work with any monitor (like our UGA-2K-A, which uses the DisplayLink DL-195 chip)
* The video showed an adapter with only VGA out. Our provides the more flexible DVI out, and includes simple, passive DVI->VGA and DVI->HDMI adapters which work transparently.
* The video doesn’t talk about resolutions, but the newest chips like the DisplayLink DL-195 can hit higher resolutions and/or have higher quality motion video playback at lower resolutions.

And it’s still the best and easiest way to outfit a cool bat cave.