Endurance Technology Contributions

Endurance Technology, a software consulting company in the UK who has done previous work on DisplayLink devices, has contributed back a branch of work done on the Fall 2009-era DisplayLink kernel framebuffer (udlfb) and X driver (xf86-video-displaylink).

The goal of their project was to get an embedded platform working on Centos 5.3. You can read more in their release note for the work.

To make the contributions easier to diff, they’ve been checked into a git branch from a (best guess) of the code Endurance started from.

The changes are available here for the kernel driver and here for the X server.

To actually build it, you may need their full package.

It’s unclear what of these changes might get picked up, as things have moved on since. One of the main features of this code is providing a default EDID blob in udlfb. The plan for udlfb at this point is to allow the edid sysfs interface of udlfb to be written to, to allow (and give responsibility) to a user-mode entity to supply a default edid, if one isn’t available from hardware.

Thanks again to Endurance for being diligent about contributing changes back.