DisplayLink Releases Updated Windows Driver (version 5.5)

DisplayLink has released an updated Windows Driver (version 5.5, dated September 29th, 2010), which is available for download here.

This update is compatible with all of Plugable’s products with DisplayLink-based USB graphics.

This is a must-have update for all with machines with ATI/AMD as their primary graphics controller, as it works around serious issues introduced with ATI’s Catalyst™ 10.8 driver release. ATI’s driver was released just recently (August). ATI has not pushed this update widely, but over time we expect more ATI/AMD users will need to make sure they’re running DisplayLink driver version 5.5 or later.

In terms of new features, DisplayLink’s version 5.5 driver also includes:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation compatibility on Windows XP — a big deal for XP users who use Visual Studio 2010 or any of the other (limited but growing) list of applications built on WPF
  • ‘Fit to TV’ functionality for HDMI TVs
  • GUI menu enhancements
  • Some improvements in motion video playback performance on Windows 7 and Vista

See the 5.5 release notes for details.