New Distros and Linux Automatic USB Multiseat Support

OpenSUSE and ArchLinux appear to be making good progress on integrating the latest version of systemd, which is a central element of Linux’s new Automatic USB multiseat support — letting you turn one machine into many with plug and play USB terminals.

Since this is all open source, we expect the porting process will happen in time.

For now, the best bet is the distro under which support was first developed — Fedora 17 and later. On Fedora, any supported USB terminal (like those on the right), will automatically pop up a fresh login when plugged in, no software install or licenses needed.

3 comments on “New Distros and Linux Automatic USB Multiseat Support”

  1. Damien


    systemd is now also available in Debian testing, which means that it should be available in the next stable release as well !
    Do you know if Plugable devices will be supported in the next ? What are exactly the requirements for full support of Plugable multiseat via USB ?


  2. corey

    i have a e35m1-m pro and a HD6450

    i have no need for additional hardware for multi seat as i have all the ports i need for 4 users already.

    what do i need to do?

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