A Plugable Journey: 14 Days, Five Devices, One Camel, and Our PB-WA5K Power Bank/Charger

Electronic gear is essential for travel these days, but keeping that gear charged on the road can quickly turn into a hopeless mess of cables and chargers.  I recently got ready for a 14-day adventure to Barcelona and then on to Marrakech where severe luggage limitations (can you say Ryanair?) demanded reduction to an absolute minimum.  Plugable to the rescue with the PB-WA5K Powerbank with pass-through charging!

Plugable PB-WA5K Charger travel gear with plugable charger photo  Plugable camel rider

My gear is pictured above, along with a vacation action photo (I’m the one wearing the Plugable shirt, not a saddle).  With the exception of my camera (Canon 5D MII), it is all USB chargeable with the Plugable Powerbank whether at the hotel or on the plane.

  • iPhone and iPad for communications, tunes, books and photo review
  • Senheiser wired/wireless noise-cancelling headphones
  • Next0 ND2901 memory card backup (disk drive)
  • Verbatim Mediashare wireless streaming device (shares the Nexto device to the iPad)
  • US to EU outlet adapter (bladed to EU circular prongs)

The Powerbank worked great in all locations, whether on US 110V or EU 240V, and handled all of my gear.  It was especially nice to be able to charge my iPhone and iPad directly from the Powerbank’s battery at night when there was no outlet by my bed in the Marrakech hotel.  While out touring during the day, I would plug in the Powerbank in the hotel room and recharge its own battery, the Nexto backup disk, and Verbatim wireless streamer all at once!

Wherever you go, the Plugable changer is a great way to reduce your load and consolidate your charging. With its 5,000mAh internal Lithium-Ion battery, it will even charge your devices on the back of a camel (not included). Questions or comments? Let us know below.