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1-PSS-SDH1_with-computerMore of us are juggling several devices. And our new, smaller computers are coming with smaller drives (like the 128GB drive size on the Apple Macbook Air and Microsoft Surface Pro).

So if you’re someone who manages a lot of data – photos, music, movies, backups, etc. – the need for an external library of storage is greater than ever. We need a system that can grow with us over time.

A solution

There are good network storage options out there, but network storage can get expensive and complex. You can’t take them with you. And you’ve lost some of the security of having files that are just for your use.

We set out to make a better system for organizing your library of data. And we’re excited to have a great solution that’s about to launch.

The Plugable Storage System is an interchangeable system of protective covers and USB 3.0 docking stations for 2.5″ SATA drives.

2-dollar bill

  • The Plugable Storage System (PSS) combines the best available technologies for a complete solution
  • Build your library using standard, off-the-shelf 2.5″ SATA drives
  • Protective plastic cases with a consistent size to protect your 2.5″ drives. Snap tight without tools. Includes optional rubber cover to protect SATA pins, while in transit.
  • Especially great match for SSD drives. Unplug and toss in a bag (or on the table) without worrying
  • Gumstick-sized USB flash drives are too easy to lose, and it’s hard to get the capacity you need (240 GB and up), 2.5″ SATA drives are a much better solution, especially with both high-capacity magnetic and high-performance SSD options available (and hybrids which blend the two).
  • 2.5″ SATA drives in PSS cases are small enough to handle easily, large enough to not get lost, come in much higher capacities, are well protected, and easy to label.

Standards Based

  • The Plugable Storage System is a self-contained product line, but is completely standards based (USB 3.0 and 2.5″ SATA), so you can mix and match freely with other products, and there’s no risk of obsolesce if you ever can’t get your hands on our particular models.
  • Standard USB 3.0 connectivity to your computer, with the latest chipsets and firmware for maximum compatibility and performance across both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 hosts.
  • Standard SATA connectivity for all your drives, so you can buy and build your library around the same, inexpensive, ubiquitous 2.5″ SATA drives you’re already familiar with.


  • Small size. Solid Construction. Piano black ABS plastic finish.


With the move to tablets, this system is useful across the board. But it’s especially suited to anyone with a lot of data to manage.

Graphics designers and photographers

  • Libraries of your photos by date range or by client, each on their own disk
  • Easy to make exact drive copies for backup or to hand to a customer

Video editors

  • Low cost enough to keep all files for a project on a single drive
  • Easy to image drives for multiple copies or backups


  • Each development and build environment on its own drive, so you can move PCs and move your environment more easily
  • Each OS on its own drive, so (in combination with a PC that can boot off USB), you can keep a library of operating systems to boot from


  • Easy to make an exact image of drives (including partitions and system files) for backups and maintaining standard images
  • USB flash drives are too easy to lose. The 2.5″ SATA form-factor provides a great match of size and capability.

Where to Buy

Our line of Plugable Storage system products are launching over the coming days, including 3 different dock options and extra cases for your library of drives. Check back here or follow us on twitter for the latest as it rolls out.

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