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Google Nexus One Phone and Plugable’s Universal Dock

Sven Killig has posted a few more bits of his cool Google Nexus One USB host mode work, this time running with the Plugable Universal Docking Station. This setup uses the udlfb DisplayLink Linux driver work from here (git.plugable.com) and a bunch of other components Sven has developed or pulled together, to turn the phone […]

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Workaround for Mac OS X Conflicts between DisplayLink and USB ethernet

[ Update April 27th, 2011. DisplayLink has fixed this issue in the production version 1.6 release of their Mac drivers. Please download the latest Mac drivers from DisplayLink ] Plugable uses DisplayLink chips for USB graphics, and ASIX chips for USB Ethernet functionality. And we have both chips in devices like our Plugable USB 2.0 […]

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Update on DisplayLink Linux support (udlfb in 2.6.34)

[Update Jan 2011: Udlfb was promoted from the staging tree to the main kernel (in drivers/video/udlfb.c) in 2.6.38. See documentation in the kernel tree at Documentation/fb/udlfb.txt] A 10-part udlfb patch series with several enhancements were recently accepted into the Linux kernel staging tree of 2.6.34. Greg’s maintainer patch series passing them on starts here. This […]

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