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Updating firmware on the Plugable 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0 Hub with VL810 chipset

This post is only applicable for hubs purchased prior to 3/1/2012, later hubs do not include the VL810 chipset. Because USB 3.0 is still maturing, it’s helpful to choose devices with upgradable firmware (and/or drivers). Our Plugable 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0/2.0 Hub uses the VIA VL810 chipset both because it’s the best selling hub chipset […]

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Plugable USB 3.0 4-Port Hub with 20W Power Adapter

4-Port USB 3.0 powered hub (also backward compatible with all USB 2.0 hosts and devices). Simple, clean port layout (all ports on two sides) to avoid desktop clutter, includes 4A power adapter for full support of USB 3.0’s higher available 900mA per port power specification. Firmware upgradable VIA 81X hub controller for maximum compatibility and performance.

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