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Plugable’s New Mechanical Keyboards for Typing Enthusiasts and Gamers

At Plugable many of our engineers, myself included, are keyboard enthusiasts. What does that mean exactly? I’ll touch on that below… but first I’d like to introduce our two new mechanical keyboards, the Plugable USB-MECH87BW compact “tenkeyless” (no number pad) and USB-MECH104BW full size mechanical keyboards. Traditionally a high quality mechanical keyboard retails at $100 or […]

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Plugable Full Size 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard with Blue “Clicky” Switches

  Be sure to check out all of our mechanical keyboard models! Full-size Blue “Clicky” Switches Full-size Red Linear Switches Compact Blue “Clicky” Switches Compact Red Linear Switches   Features Full-size 104-key layout. Features a frameless design with a minimal desktop footprint Blue “clicky” Cherry MX style switches by Gaote / Outemu Switches provide distinct […]

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