Windows, Mac, Linux, and Information Overload

Our philosophy is to support all three of Windows, Mac, and Linux for all of Plugable’s hardware products, to the greatest degree possible. And when there are limits (as there often are) we try to tell you about them up front.

We do this because we know you use a mix of machines, or may be thinking about switching one way or another. And when you invest in a collection of USB devices, you want them to be useful beyond your current computer. That’s what we expect, too.

All this activity can get a little noisy, though. A little too much information.

That’ll be especially true for some exciting but technically involved work that’s happening over the next few months on Linux with the Google Summer of Code project for USB multiseat, which makes use of some of our Plugable hardware.

So if you’re interested in just one platform or another, here is a way to get just the news that you care about, and get rid of the rest of the noise:

And for those wanting an even more customized view — just append /feed to the tail end of any category view on the site, to get an even more specific feed, if you’re interested.