DisplayLink Releases New Windows Driver Version 7.2 M0

Yesterday DisplayLink released the latest driver v7.2 M0 for Windows. We’ve been testing it here at Plugable and so far the results are very positive. Among other things, we’re excited that it fixes a number of recent compatibility and performance issues found with Windows 8 Metro apps. We recommend downloading this driver version for all USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Plugable display adapters and laptop docking stations, for all versions of Windows.

Download DisplayLink Windows Driver v7.2 M0

Note: The DisplayLink installer will uninstall older DisplayLink drivers, update firmware on the device, and install new drivers. This will result in a few minutes of on/off blank screens and Windows Plug and Play complaining about no driver in the middle of the process. Wait for the install to complete, and reboot to finish it off.

So far we’ve been able to confirm the following key fixes for this driver release:

  • Fixed issues with Metro apps sometimes taking an extra 10-15s to open on any screen when DisplayLink drivers are installed. In our testing we experienced no delays opening Metro apps.
  • Fixed an issue with a recent Chrome update causing the browser to hang when driver v7.1 is installed on the system. 7.2 is now compatible with the latest version of Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue on Win 8 with Metro video playback apps not working when in the presence of DisplayLink driver. We were able to play Netflix and Hulu via the Metro app after upgrading to 7.2 (make sure to reboot after upgrade)
  • 7.2 is now compatible with devices using the newer Intel Atom chipsets with PowerVR graphics (the Clovertrail and Medfield lines). These are typically on low-end Windows 8 tablets. Keep in mind that these PowerVR based devices have a total display size limitation (which includes the native screen) of 4096×4096, so will that’ll typically only be enough for 1 external monitor to be used.


  • 7.2 also includes a re-vamped NIC driver and firmware for the UD-3000 docking station. In our testing we’ve hit one specific scenario that causes the dock to disconnect from the host machine – after we perform speedtest.net tests repeatedly, the upload speed eventually reaches 0, and connected displays begin to flash on and off. But we weren’t able to reproduce this problem through normal usage of the dock, even after downloading/uploading large files. We’re waiting to hear back from DisplayLink for further details on this issue.
  • 7.2 M0 does not solve the existing problem where full-screen DirectX 11 games will not run in the presence of DisplayLink drivers (on any screen). Games must be run windowed (if they have that option), or DisplayLink drivers must be uninstalled and re-installed after.

DisplayLink lists the following fixes in the release notes for 7.2:

  • Ethernet connection lost when setting MAC address to ‘not present’.
  • Temporary screen corruption when changing mode from extend to clone.
  • Some web-based video streaming services like Netflix may sometimes not work on DisplayLink screens.
  • Ethernet packets corruption.
  • On Windows XP sometimes DisplayLink monitors may remain in power save mode until replug after resuming computer from sleep.
  • Ethernet packets with incorrect MAC address being sent from DisplayLink dock.
  • Image quality very poor for high fps video.
  • Metro applications on Windows 8 take up to 10 seconds to open.
  • Blue screen when rebooting first time after installation of DisplayLink drivers.
  • USB port stops responding after replugging DisplayLink device.
  • Large frame sent over Ethernet using DisplayLink device trigger network errors.
  • Wake On Lan doesn’t work on Windows 8.
  • Ethernet doesn’t work after computer is resumed from sleep using Wake On Lan.
  • Disabling Wake On Lan with magic packets is not honoured.

We’d appreciate any feedback you have on the 7.2 drivers. If you run into any issues just comment below or e-mail us at support@plugable.com, we’d be glad to help!

7 comments on “DisplayLink Releases New Windows Driver Version 7.2 M0”

  1. Lloyd N. Weiss

    Terrible. Completely messed me up. External monitor went black and stayed that way
    I did a system restore and the monitor came back without the task bar. Laptop monitor is blank
    It’s late tonight but I will need to disconnect everything in the morning and see if I am able to fix it
    Typing this from my iPhone
    Damn it. What a mess!

  2. Bernie Thompson

    Hi Lloyd – frustrating! The whole install process takes a few minutes, especially because the DisplayLink driver does a firmware update on the DisplayLink device, which must trigger another re-detect of the device. It will all complete on its own, but it takes a while.

    In your case, where a system restore has been done, I’d recommend unplugging the DisplayLink device 1) go to Windows “Programs and Features” and uninstall “DisplayLink Core Software” 2) Install the new 7.2 M0 driver. 3) Then plug in the DisplayLink device.

    Configuration settings like what monitor the taskbar is assigned to, will get changed by monitors coming and going. You’ll have to set them back.

    Especially if you have a Plugable brand product, just email us at support@Plugable.com if you get stuck at any point – we’ll be able to figure out any problems.

    Again, sorry for the frustration – we’d be glad to help get you back up and running again.

    • Bernie Thompson

      Hi Brian. Fine with almost all nVidia controllers and latest drivers, but unfortunately not 100%. We’ve found a handful cases where nVidia Optimus (Intel/nVidia hybrid) systems still aren’t working. No discernable pattern of which ones fail (seems to perhaps be laptop specific issues). But these problems are now the exception — we’re seeing at least 9/10 nVidia systems working without special hiccups. Hope that info helps. Thanks for asking!

  3. Matt Kaufman

    Ugh, this latest update slowed down the response time on my two external monitors. I’m running Win8, and it’s just so slow that I have to downgrade back to the older drivers.

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  5. Rene

    Just updated to the most recent diplaylink drive and now I cannot get sound to my speakers it only plays on the laptop speakers????

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