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Serious Computing Anywhere with Plugable’s Bluetooth Keyboards and Mouse

These days, when a typical smartphone or tablet packs more computing power than a five-year-old desktop, lugging around a laptop to work on the road just seems wrong. But stabbing at an on-screen keyboard and navigating text or spreadsheets without a mouse is frustrating and agonizingly slow. What if you could bring along a compact, […]

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Bluetooth Audio in OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi

EDITORS NOTE: The Beta version mentioned in this blog post is now OpenELEC stable version 7.0, available here: http://openelec.tv/get-openelec/category/57-raspberry-pi2-builds OpenELEC is popular software that can turn your Raspberry Pi into dedicated media center. However, we often hear from disappointed customers who discover that OpenELEC’s developers intentionally rejected Bluetooth audio support. But it looks like this […]

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Plugable Bluetooth® Travel Mouse

Product Description The Plugable Bluetooth Travel Mouse increases productivity and comfort by freeing users from touchscreen-only cursor input. The mouse is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled host devices and operating systems. The symmetrical design is comfortable for right and left handed users, and the DPI button allows mouse sensitivity to be changed on-the-fly. Compact form is […]

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